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Here is a picture of Oscar our pet cat who we welcomed into our home as a stray cat 3 years ago. At the time we definitely didn’t classify him as one of the fit cats of the neighbourhood as he was very scrawny looking

fit cats

As a stray he used to visit our daughter’s house on a daily basis to receive his twice daily food requirements. As she already had a cat of her own he wasn’t allowed into her house. Even though as previously mentioned he wasn’t very fit looking at the time we suspected he supplemented his diet from the meals at her house by visiting other neighbours houses to con them out of extra meals as well!

After our own cat Leo died we took pity on Oscar and took him into our house. The transition wasn’t a perfect one as while he appreciated still being fed on a regular basis at a different home he still possessed his stray cat habits. He always wanted to be out most of the time, particularly at nights which we did not let him do as stray cats frequently fight at nights. We did not want to pay large vet bills to fix up large bites and scratches caused from nightly escapades with other cats.

He did not appreciate not being allowed out at night and for the first year we had to go through the ordeal of hearing constant yowling at the the door after he had eaten his evening meal to try to persuade us to let him out. Fortunately we did not give in to his emotional pleas but discovered one other problem. Former stray cats used to begging for food often wonder where their next meal will be coming from and generally eat to excess. We experienced this with Oscar and no matter how much food we put in his dish each day it was never enough initially and he put on a lot of weight as a result! We had to go through the process of gradually reducing his food portions to more healthier amounts so now he is much more trimmer!

Here is a video of him playing with the neighbor’s cat:-

Having been a cat owner for many years and having had the experiences of seeing 3 lovely cats grow up I decided to put together a website devoted to cats’s health which I have called Fit Cats. I hope you will enjoy the articles that I will be posting here on that subject.

James Kelly

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to my Fit Cats Website”

  1. That’s awesome that you took Oscar into your loving home. I love to hear stories about animal rescues! I also took in a stray cat and she LOVES to go outside. You hit the nail on the head about cats fighting at night. My cat recently got into a fight. Luckily she walked away without any serious injuries. I am interested in learning more about how you managed to slim your cat down. I have another cat that is a fatty and I would love to get her into better shape. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Hi Jim,
    We had an Uncle who took a stray cat in and went through all the problems you have. He said the cat would eat however much you put in front of him, that stray cat attitude of not knowing where the next meal is going to come from. He had to cruel to be kind and cut the meal sizes right down to stop his weight piling on.
    For the first few months it was hard not to give in and let the cat out as he howled most of the night. It’s just a natural habit of a stray cat.
    But gradually he turned into a smashing pet and wouldn’t stray away from the house too far.
    Great article, love your video of Oscar,

  3. I didn’t know we could actually control the diet of a cat especially strays. I once had a cat that is definitely on the obese side and literally pants when it runs or does any taxing activities. One thing I’m curious about is will obesity lead to any health complication in cats as it does in humans?

  4. Hi James, Our cat, Shadow was a stray. One day my boyfriend came home from work and he was on his front porch. He was there again the next day. Brian didn’t do anything to encourage him. The cat didn’t have a collar or appear to belong to anyone. It looked like the cat was in a fight and his leg was bloody. So Brian brought him inside to clean him up. The next day we took him to a shelter who offered to neuter him for free and update all of his shots if we would adopt him. So we did. We love our stray cat so much!

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