Health Benefits of Cat Ownership. Unique Helpful Surprising Facts

Many cat owners own a cat simply because they love cats, but there also added bonuses in the form of health benefits of cat ownership which are often overlooked, and some that can even help you live longer.Here in this article we will be looking at some surprising health benefits from owning a cat, many of, which you probably would have never guessed, and if you’re not a cat owner, after reading this you may just decide you want to change that.

health benefits of cat ownership
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1. Preventing Allergies

Many years ago it was thought that children brought up in a home with pets were more than likely to develop allergies or even asthma. However, studies performed fairly recently showed that children born into a home with pets that have fur, like cats and dogs, were more likely to build a certain immunity and therefore less likely to have allergies and asthma. Furthermore, studies have also shown that infants were less likely to develop eczema, a common skin allergy that causes itching.

2. Help With Alzheimers And Old Age

Studies have also shown that simply owning a cat can provide help to those with Alzheimers, and that Alzheimer patients have fewer outbursts, and less anxiety episodes. Even caregivers feel less of a burden when there is a cat in the home, because a cat will often calm a person, not just with Alzheimers, but health problems in general. That being said, for the older generation, and those that are able to do so, taking care of a cat gives companionship, and something to show their affection to.

health benefits of cat ownership
cat with alzheimer patient

3. A Cat Helps With Stress And Depression

Just owning a cat can lower stress levels, and cat owners are less likely to fall into a depression, and the more attached the person is to their pet the greater the benefit. People that are in stressful jobs, and feel constantly under pressure are more prone to conditions like stress, and high blood pressure. In addition, when someone is under a lot of stress, harmful chemicals in the body can be released, which can affect the immune system, like the building up of plaque in the arteries. However, petting a cat can reduce these harmful chemicals like norepinephrine and cortisol, and elevate the levels of dopamine and serotonin having the opposite effect, which is calming and feeling pleasure, in turn lowering blood pressure and easing stress levels and anxiety, all that from simply petting a cat.

4. Healing Bones, Muscles And Tendons

Believe it, or not there have been studies surrounding a cats purring effect on the human bones and muscles, and the studies have shown to have a very therapeutic affect on them. Although this may sound like a tall tale, it is to do with the frequency of the cats purr vibrations, which happen to be 20-140 HZ. Studies have proved that frequencies in the 18 to 35 HZ range have a very positive effect on bones, muscle, and tendons after an accident, and have positive effects on joint mobility too.


5. Cats Lower Your Risk Of Heart Attack And Stroke

We know that scientists have already discovered that owning a cat helps relieve stress, but it does have a knock on effect, because relieving stress and anxiety helps protect against heart disease due to lowering blood pressure. One study looked at over 4,000 people, half of which owned cats, and the results were quite surprising. Moreover, it showed over a 10 year period that 3.4 percent of cat owners died from a heart attack while those that never owned a cat was at 5.8 percent. In addition, what is more surprising is that even when other factors were taken into account like smoking, diabetes, and high cholesterol, cat owners still had a lower risk of heart attack and stroke.

6. Cats Can Help With Autism

Researchers have found that children with autism had much better social interaction when around pets, especially cats. Half of the families in the study reported that their children had strong attachments to their cats, and the study also showed that the children’s assertiveness was greatly improved when around pets. Cats can have a very positive effect on autistic children, like the father who took his non verbal son to the animal shelter to see some pets, when he came to view the cats his son spoke and said the word ‘cat’, who knows what might have happened if he hadn’t stopped in that cat home, now the child is in college.

health benefits of cat ownership
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7. A Positive Effect On Your Mental Health

A survey of 600 cat owners where 300 had mental health issues was compiled, and more than 85% said their cats have a positive impact on their general well being. Moreover, more than 75% also said that they felt they could cope much better with every day stress, and that their cats made life easier for them. Surprisingly enough there has even been a study by the Indiana Bloomington University that found even watching cat videos, like on you tube, boosts energy levels, and positive emotions and in turn decreases any negative feelings, and may also make tasks easier after watching a cute cat video.

health benefits of cat ownership
cuddle up time!


Finally, thanks to research, and study groups we can really appreciate the full potential of owning a cat, even some of us cat owners didn’t know how healthy it could be to own a cat. Also, for those of you who have now read this article, and didn’t own a cat, maybe this has made you think twice about getting one, and they are low maintenance too. Moreover, cats always made good pets to begin with, we just didn’t know why we loved them so much, sure they are cuddly, fluffy, cute, and funny, but now they are healthy for us too, so whether you get a cat for companionship, petting or just to watch them play, it’s worth having one around.


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18 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Cat Ownership. Unique Helpful Surprising Facts”

  1. Who would have thought that cats could prevent allergies? That’s a handy piece of information I’m going to give to my non cat-liking friends when they start sneezing around my cat!

  2. I had no idea of these benefits of cat ownership. Gotta admit that I was surprised by what I read. Lots of info and on the day-to-day pluses of being a cat owner. Just goes to show why there are so many people who prefer cats to dogs and other pets.

    1. I have been a cat owner for well over 30 years Craig and have loved the experience and companionship from each one I have had

  3. This is awesome, my kids have been asking me for a pet cat for the house and I came across this, I didn’t realise there was all these health benefits associated to owning a cat in particular the allergies and the alzheimers – I have learnt so much here, thanks for sharing

  4. I had no idea of all these researches that were done. I always thought cats were very cool animals. they seem to just chill out and don’t stress you out. But this is incredible information about the allergies, reduction in health problems. Thank you for the information and you are right, I have a whole new outlook on owning a cat.

  5. I did just meet a lady with memory issues and she enjoys her pet dog, so I am sure that a cat may be even better, since they are calming. They purr and give nudges and are more likely to be invited to the top of the bed for the night. Do you have any suggestions for how to make sure people with memory problems are taking well enough care of their new pet? I am sure it’s common sense.

    My daughter has panic attacks and had a companion cat. Sadly, she got run over by a speeding car, after following the other cats, more used to the neighborhood out of the cat door! She had invested so much money for her kitty and cannot own another one, until they move away from the busy street.

    Can those with disabilities obtain in discounts on services and care for pets? My daughter was allowed an extra privilege to rent with a pet in a non-pet complex, with a physician letter.

    Thanks for this info, Lynne

    1. Thank you for those comments Lynne which are greatly appreciated. Cats are generally less demanding than dogs and can look after themselves better. I am sure that people with memory issues have a carer ( family member etc ) who would make sure the pet is well looked after.

      So sorry to hear about your daughter’s cat. It is almost like losing a family member.

      Unfortunately I don’t have any experience about the last matter you mentioned. Maybe other readers can comment on this aspect

  6. Hi James, another great post.

    I have had cats and dogs in my family since being born, and have 2 of my own cats, I have to say that everything you have said makes sense to me.

    I absolutely feel better when I have spent 15 minutes with my cats sitting on me purring or playing a game with them and I some folks won’t like this, but, my cats sleep next to me too most days, they always have, since I was a child and my parents had their cats.


  7. I have 2 cats and you are absolutely right. There are significant health benefits. Most of all is the calming effect they have on people. Great article, I really learned something.

  8. Two years ago I lost my 7 year old cat to kidney disease… I now have dogs, but I resonate so much with this article. That calming effect that they have is so real. After a long day at work Jack would come say hi, sit on my lap and purr away. If I was stressed, if would alleviate so much of it. He would also “knead” from time to time. I’m not sure why they do that, but I have heard that they do it when they are really comfortable? I could be wrong. But great article, so many good points, makes me really miss having a cat. Really good read, thanks!

  9. Hi James, thanks for the great information. I have owned a cat for years but never realised that it can actually have so many benefits! Our cat is getting quite old now though and tend to always hide herself away from us, so I wonder if the benefits still exist if there is not much interaction! She would meow at us when she is hungry though!

  10. So interesting! Cats really are so therapeutic and I have heard some of the benefits before, but I was completely floored with cat ownership and the healing of muscles. I will share this information with others. Thanks for an interesting post!

  11. I do want a kitty very much! I think this would help me a lot and may help my children as well. I hope either they or I can see our way clear to afford one soon!

    Thank you for the encouragement, Lynne

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