General Care

There are a number of important topics that I will be covering in future articles on this website dealing with general care of your feline pets ( nutrition and exercise will be dealt with separately )

General Care topics will include the following:-

Spaying and neutering

Visits to vets



How To Care For a Pregnant Cat. Tabby Cat’s Special Needs



Litter Box Cat

Peeing Outside Litter Box – How To Stop


Cаts Viruses Reviewed. Is Your Pet At Risk?

What causes diabetes in cats and can it be cured?


Urinary Tract Infection In Cats

My Cat Is Always Thirsty. Is This A Sign Of Feline Kidney Infection

Cat Abscesses and Sores – Symptoms and Treatments

Dental Care

Dental Care For Cats. Best Ways to Keep their Teeth Clean

2 thoughts on “General Care”

  1. I am looking forward to this page. I think with a good general care we can keep our kitties healthy. If then some illness arrives it is sort of normal and it will not be too bad.

  2. Thank you. This was very good information for us who have a cat but got it not knowing a thing. Your information helps us to take better care of our cats and also learn some early warning signs that may be harmful to them if not taken care of.

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