To keep a cat fit and healthy the same considerations apply as for their owners – a nutritious diet sufficient for their energy needs and exercise and I will be keeping my readers fully informed on these aspects in future articles on this website.

When it comes to exercise this will vary in elements depending on whether you have a cat which you keep indoors all the time or one which is predominantly outdoors.

to keep a cat fit

A lot of cat owners these days, particularly those that buy expensive pedigree cats, prefer their pets not to mix with other cats in the neighborhood with consequent risk of fights with other felines and expensive vet bills and keep them indoors permanently. In the confines of a house it is important that you encourage your indoor cat to exercise by having lots of toys lying around to play with as well as climbing shelves and scratching posts.

Outdoor cats generally get more exercise as they often roam far and wide in your neighborhood and love it if you have a large garden with bushes and plenty of trees to climb.

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2 thoughts on “Exercise”

  1. Hmmmm never thought about cats getting exercise, they always seem to lay about all day sleeping. I imagine they are active at night. Learned a lot about indoor cats. Cheers Kev

  2. Cats are cute, especially the kittens. Agree that outdoor cats need lesser exercise in comparison with the indoor cats. But the problem with outdoor cats is that they are exposed to certain risks, for example they might get lost, abducted, accident and etc.

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