On this website I will be giving readers regular articles dealing with proper nutrition for cats as it is important for their health that they eat enough high-quality, nutritious food ‘sufficient’ to meet their energy needs and to maintain and repair bodily tissues. The word ‘sufficient’ is important in this regard as too often these days we find obesity prevalent in pets as well as their owners! Cat owners for the sake of peace often give in to the demands from their pets for more food with the result that they get overweight very quickly with the consequential risk of developing health problems.

proper nutrition for cats

The amount you feed adult cats should be based on their size and energy output. Activity levels vary enormously between pets and play an important part in you determining how much food you give them each day. 

Here are some of my articles on the subject of nutrition:-

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5 thoughts on “Nutrition”

  1. Interesting, I never thought about nutrition for cats. Thought they just eat what’s put in front of them. Suppose they are like any living being and need the right food to be fit and healthy.
    Great article
    Cheers Kev

  2. hello there, thank you for your cat advice and help. I enjoy reading your posts and the reply’s that readers send in.. Id like to ask for some advice please. My cat Mini is now between 17-18 years old bless her, but still looks like a kitten and seems healthy enough in her self. She has become deaf over the last 18 months not that I can get used to this, I chat always as iv always done talk to her about all sorts lol..

    There is one or two things that I don’t understand.. Over the last 10 months she wants food every time I walk out to the kitchen area, she has started to meow which she has never done. Strange as it may seem but all her life she has made little sounds, more like talking with little burring noise, and beeps n squeaks, shes a very calm cat more so since shes become deaf.

    Sometimes with her food, its almost as if shes forgotten that I fed her not 10mins before and she meows around me. I can’t feed her a whole sachet of food anymore (normally two a day with some dried also) If she is given a whole or even half a sachet she will be sick within mins. so I give her maybe a level desert spoon or two, then after half hour or so I give more, and so it goes on.. sometimes she has a kind of cough sneezy thing and seems to wretch. Its only lasts seconds but it happens for no reason at all that I can see.. I realise that my little cat is very old in her years and I realise that problems come with old age such as, she pads me or any fluffy blanket and seems to dribble while doing this. She only started this over the last two years..

    She sleeps most of the time but always seems to need to be by my side when Im home. sleeps on my bed at night, gets a little jel when I have visitors who sit near me lol… I love her to the moon and back.. Would you know what im describing please? Thank you so much. Jaynie 🙂

    1. Hello Jaynie,

      Many thanks for sharing your story about your pet cat Mini. In human age terms your cat is aged between 84-88 so she is a very senior citizen in your household and unfortunately is subject to similar frailties as we humans in old age.such as forgetfulness etc. I assume you would have seen a vet to check out her current health situation but you may also find the following article useful in understanding her current health situation:-
      Cats are a great comfort to their owners and I wish you both well for the future.


  3. Hi Jim. Thank you for posting this article as I live with a 15 year old Siamese, Sam. We have lived together since he was around 6 weeks old. Sam and his sisters were orphaned near my home and I cared for them until they could be adopted. Sam was found first as he had been injured. Needless to say, Sam stayed with me. Recently he has been waking me at night without any apparent reason. Visit to veterinary says he is healthy. So, I made several changes that have helped. Night light by cat box. More water bowls. Last change more exercise. All seem to be helping him feel less anxious. Thank you again for sharing this important information.

    1. Hi Linda,

      Many thanks for sharing your experiences with us which are greatly appreciated. Great to see that the changes you made have really worked for you. Best regards. Jim

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