On this website I will be giving readers regular articles dealing with proper nutrition for cats as it is important for their health that they eat enough high-quality, nutritious food ‘sufficient’ to meet their energy needs and to maintain and repair bodily tissues. The word ‘sufficient’ is important in this regard as too often these days we find obesity prevalent in pets as well as their owners! Cat owners for the sake of peace often give in to the demands from their pets for more food with the result that they get overweight very quickly with the consequential risk of developing health problems.

proper nutrition for cats

The amount you feed adult cats should be based on their size and energy output. Activity levels vary enormously between pets and play an important part in you determining how much food you give them each day. 

Here are some of my articles on the subject of nutrition:-

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  1. Interesting, I never thought about nutrition for cats. Thought they just eat what’s put in front of them. Suppose they are like any living being and need the right food to be fit and healthy.
    Great article
    Cheers Kev

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