Cute Funny Kitten Pictures. What bundles of energy and joy!

Kittens are delightful little creatures in any household and it is a real joy to see their crazy antics and to have a camera to take cute funny kitten pictures. One famous quote that comes to mind is “A kitten is the delight of a household. All day long a comedy is played out by an incomparable actor.” ― Champfleury, The Cat Past and Present I have included in this article a collection of cute funny kitten pictures and a video that I have taken of my son’s kitten which he called Lily. Before showing you these pictures have a look at the short video clip that we took of her. What a real bundle of energy and joy she is!

Lily is a tortoiseshell rag doll breed of kitten and we discovered at an early stage that she was very feisty, fun loving, headstrong and a bundle of energy!

Cute Funny Kitten Pictures of Lily

1. Early pictures on climbing post

  • This is the first picture taken of Lily who was only a few months old at the time. My son bought her a combination scratch post climbing pole and you see this adorable looking kitten perched up the top. Kittens love these types of pet activity items of furniture and they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. My son bought this particular one from a local pet store but Amazon also has an excellent range of these activity centers

cute funny kitten pictures

  • One of the peculiar habits of Lily that we observed as she got older and grew bigger was her liking for sleeping on top of her scratch post climbing pole and you would always see her draped over the top of it with chin and paws hanging over the sides, a very funny sight!

cute funny kitten pictures

2. Hiding in the wine rack

As with most kittens Lily always found herself some good hiding spots in our house with the linen closet probably her favorite as she could sleep on freshly laundered linen and remain unobserved there! However on this occasion with my wine rack due to be replenished she took the opportunity of crawling into it, the little scamp!

cute funny kitten pictures

3. Acrobatic exercises

To ensure Lily got plenty of exercise we bought a cat dangler pole with furry attachment which was supposed to be indestructible ( Ha Ha! ). It was quite remarkable to see how high Lily would leap into the air to try and catch the furry object on the end and would often end up doing cart wheels. A really funny sight and remarkably she always landed on her feet! Sadly for Lily these very athletic exercises ceased after she was  spayed at the vet!

cute funny kitten pictures

4. Another unusual sleeping spot

While people like to sit or sleep on couch seats cats seem to like the highest parts of the couch. Here we have Lily on New Year’s day having obviously over indulged the night before!

cute funny kitten pictures

5. What’s so unusual about this?

During the Summer months the nights in Western Australia are normally quite hot and humid so we always have a spare mattress on standby to be dragged out into the largest airy living space in the house where it is cooler to sleep. So whilst not in use during the day it is a comfortable perch for Lily!

cute funny kitten pictures

6. The curtain wrecker!

One of Lily’s bad behavior habits was in climbing curtains and then walking across the curtain rails on top. A very destructive habit where lace curtains are involved and ours soon had lots of tear marks in them from the cat’s claws.

cute funny kitten pictures

Not only that we often had to use a step ladder to rescue her from the curtain rails as while there was no problem for her climbing up, getting down was another matter! Here is the result of one of her climbs – curtains brought down!

cute funny kitten pictures

7.  The challenge of climbing doors

The security grille on our front door was another favorite climb for Lily, the grille making perfect foot holes for her claws as she quickly shinned up it!

cute funny kitten pictures

Once on top of the grille next thing to do was walk the tight rope ( top of door ) followed by ‘how am I going to get down! ‘. Out comes the step ladder again for rescue of kitten!

cute funny kitten pictures

8. Comfort in a cardboard box

Whenever Lily saw an empty cardboard box around in our house she would climb in and make herself comfortable in it. For some reason she always found a feeling of security in one and liked the warmth of its confined space. Just look at those eyes – scary!!

cute funny kitten pictures

In conclusion

Sadly Lily no longer lives in our house. Our youngest son and his partner have since moved into their own home and took Lily with them. Not only does Lily have to share their house with them but they have an additional male kitten George and a newborn baby and this changed environment caused her a lot of stress initially. We still get to see Lily when we visit their house but she is now a much quieter and more sedate adult cat.

Would love to read readers comments on their funny experiences with their kittens. Please leave comments below.

Author: James Kelly

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11 thoughts on “Cute Funny Kitten Pictures. What bundles of energy and joy!”

  1. Cats are such cool animals. Very smart and full of character. Our cat, Fluffin yes we called her Fluffin… Was a crazy kitten back in the day, looking at the pictures of Lily on the curtains brought back some memories lol. She also loves getting into boxes even the ones that are way too small. 13 years old now she has slowed down quite a bit, but we still manage to get her to run after the laser pointer once in a while. I enjoyed this post, thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you very much for that feedback Pierre. Yes kittens are really fun loving creatures and although Oscar our current cat is now 5 years old he still shows the occasional burst of energy to charge after balls. Thankfully he is not a curtain climber! lol.


  2. When I read this I remember Sam. A very cute, intelligent and only cat I had a great bond with. To be precise Sam loved playing and as kids we really enjoyed it. Some early mornings you could open your eyes after a long night snore and find Sam right there comfortably lying on top of your forehead or besides you. Just one day and Sam was no where to be seen, Sam was actually not our Cat, He was for the neighbor and they had decided to take it to another home since our neighbor then had two homes. The pain we had after getting the news that Sam had been taken away! But I promise to get one kitten soon!

    1. Thanks for those comments which I can definitely empathize with Emmanuel as we had 2 of our neighbors kittens, Smudge and Shadow, as regular visitors to our house for about 2 years and who were great mates with Oscar our cat. We would see them outside our front door first thing every morning and we always let them in, were a soft touch for feeding them and always had great fun with them. They spent more time with us than they did with their owners. When our neighbors moved house we were very sorry to see the kittens go.


  3. I adore all cats alike, I have always been a cat-man and never really taken to dogs much I could never really understand why people choose dogs over cats. I don’t have a cat at the moment but the last one I had was a beautiful soul we purchased from the local RSPCA for the kids for Easter yet he ended up liking me more than them (Lost him in my last separation unfortunately)
    How old is this adorable bundle of fur now?
    You can help but feel the endorphin’s building when you see a cat like this playing around 🙂

  4. Thanks for those comments Josh. I have been a cat lover for over 30 years now and have treasured memories of them all. In answer to your question Lily is still a very sweet looking girl at 4 years old.


  5. Aww I want a Lily cat ! I am not a cat person at all but I think I could be persuaded the other way if I had a lovely rag doll tortoiseshell like this. Talk about your personality plus ! Some of her antics could be made into great stories for kids . Thanks for post I really enjoyed it,


  6. Cats are really amazing animals! They are so intelligent, proud and funny at the same time. I personally would rather chose a dog than a cat, but I must admit that cats are great. Thank you for a nice article!

  7. So cute! I’m more of a dog person myself but have taken in the occasional stray cat when I was younger. And my mum goes around the neighbourhood daily making sure the strays cats are fed. I’m sorry to hear that you don’t get to see Lily as much now, I’m sure u miss her a lot! She sounds like not just an energetic cat but has loads of personality too.

  8. Hi, Jim

    I loved to read about Lily. It brought back some memories.

    I remember when I was a child and living with my parents and siblings. We had two small cats in their early ages for a short period of time. They did exactly the same as Lily did. They could climb up the curtains from the floor walking across the curtain rails on top. They also scratched their claws on the back of sofas and chair destroying them completely.

    Lily was sure a lovely cat giving you both joy and happiness. And even if she also gave you some concerns I think you miss the time she was still living at your home.


    1. Thank you Tove for your feedback. Yes I do miss seeing Lily everyday at our house but kittens do grow up and when I now see our son’s cat at least once a month at his house I now find that Lily is an adult 4 year old cat, who is less playful now. However she now has the company of a 2 year old tom cat George who is the more playful of the two.


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