Clothes and accessories

Most cat owners are generally aware that their precious pets don’t need to wear cat clothes at all as if they have normal healthy coats of hair this will adequately protect them from extremes in seasonaL temperatures. Cats are smart enough to know when to shed their heavy protective Winter hair in time for the warmer Summer weather so cat clothes are unnecessary especially for indoor cats! However there are situations where some clothes may be required for them particularly if they are short hair outdoor cats or some breeds of hairless cats – sphynx cats as an example of the latter.

Short Hair Cat

1. Winter Cat Clothes

Here is a selection of products that cat owners might consider purchasing from for outdoor and hairless cats to keep them warm whilst outside. Click on the links below for full details of these products.

2. Accessory Items

These are useful products which will help to keep your pets safe and secure

3. Special Event Items

Family parties frequently involve dressing up for the occasions so why not do the same for your favorite pets! ( if they will allow you!! )