Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box – How To Stop

If you’re trying to stop your cat peeing outside litter box, this article will show you how to save yourself heaps of trouble and a lot of money. There are three major factors that can cause cats to disregard their litter box and pee everywhere and how you can put a stop to it often as fast as overnight.

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Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box – Why This Happens

Location of Litter Box

I’m not talking about where your cat has its special spot in your house. The problem may may be where you’ve decided is the best place for your cat’s litter box. You have to consider things like how busy and how noisy is the area that your cat goes to pee. If adults and children frequently go there during the day this may discourage your cat from using the litter box if it is in a busy area

cat peeing outside litter boxYour cat doesn’t have the luxury of going into the toilet and locking the door so it’s important for you to provide a place where he can have some privacy and not get bothered by other pets and your children. It’s also important to keep the litter box away from your cat’s food. You wouldn’t want to eat in the bathroom and neither would your cat.

What Kind Of Litter Are You Using?

Another important factor is the kind of litter you are using. Some cats get quite picky about the type and quality of the litter you have selected for them and will decide that they no longer like the feel of clumping litter. Try out different litter brands and try to avoid using scented litters.

Cat stress

The third major factor that you need to look at to stop your cat peeing outside the litter box is stress. Your cat is much more susceptible to changes in their environment that you or I so you need to keep a close eye on her. Moving house or bringing in new pets are two very common reasons why a cat will show there displeasure by peeing everywhere.

Regular Cleaning

Litter boxes should be cleaned daily with fresh litter put in them as cats can get very fussy on cleanliness. For pet owner who don’t like litter box cleaning  there are self cleaning litter box products on the market which is an alternative option.


Now that you understand the importance of litter box placement, litter preference and stress avoidance, you can start to solve the issue of your cat’s inappropriate peeing.


Author: James Kelly

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13 thoughts on “Cat Peeing Outside Litter Box – How To Stop”

  1. Hi James,
    What a cute niche you have here!
    I love cat. Your photos in this article are really really cute!!

    I’m not a cat owner but I always want to have a cat! I will definitely do it next time when I’m financially independent.

    So you have really given me a very resourceful article here for me to have a good headstart in taking care of the cat next time. Thank you so much for the info!


  2. Hey great article! I’m planning to get a cat for my daughters and I’m glad i read this article. I would of never known about the placement of the litter box. I didn’t know that cat’s needed the privacy like we humans do. Thank you for the tips. By chance, what type of litter do you recommend?

    1. Hi Jaime,

      Thanks for the feedback. The cat litter that we use for our cat is silicone crystal based. We find this is easy to use, is non toxic, biodegradable and eliminates all urine odours.


  3. The cats must thank you for this post. I guess it’s true…if we need privacy, why not cats?
    We also forget about stress that animals face.
    I don’t own a cat but I am sharing this with my friend who has a cat lover and owns a cat cafe 🙂

  4. Hi there Jim
    You are totally right. I have had cats for a long time and they really do need to go to a quiet spot in the house. Once I thought I had a perfect spot, small area in the basement where the furnace is. Closed in and no one goes there. When winter arrived I had forgotten that when the furnace starts it makes a big noise, which, you guessed it, scared the heck out of the cat. Took me a while to figure it out. Change the location and problem was solved.
    Have a great day

  5. Another great post Jim. My cat has been guilty of this in the past, so this article was an important read.

    I think the issue was the location. His litter box was right next to his food. I’ve since moved it, but I’ll try to put to the box in a more secluded area.

    I love these posts Jim. With each one I’m able to treat my cat a lot better. Keep it up!

  6. Very nice website, Jim
    Hits home for me because I just put down my cat last year (18 years old). You have some very good points and suggestions. Have you heard of the new kitty litter called “pretty litter” that you only have to change once a month?

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