Cat Activity Toys Revisited. Advice on Top Exciting Products

Thinking about buying your favorite pet a suitable Christmas present? If so cat activity toys should be at the top of your list. As cat owners, we all know how ingenious cats can be when it comes time to occupy themselves, and it’s not always favorable, like when they chase and unwind a ball of yarn or string that we just put up. However, that can be just the start of things, as at holiday time they may decide to investigate the fairy on top of the Christmas tree, or experiment with our new curtains because they just look like they need some claw marks in them. This is what Lily, my son’s kitten did to our lace curtains!

cat activity toys
Avoid this happening! Curtain wrecking kitten

Having said that, there are some top exciting products out on the market today that are sure to keep them distracted from the things we don’t want them to experiment with, so let us have a look at some of these top cat activity toys that can be purchased at Amazon.

Cat Activity Toys Suggestions

1. Scratching Posts

Years ago we had to settle for kitty scratching up an old armchair, or those of us that were a bit more inventive used an old log or two. However, now there is some exciting new types of scratching posts, which cats find more amusing than our furniture, and you can buy them in all different shapes and sizes too. In addition, these scratching posts can be a basic upright scratching post about two to three feet in height up to what is known as scratching trees, which are up to 72 inches high or more, which even have high sections for kitty to perch on.

cat activity toys

Some of the more extravagant scratching trees are definitely designed with a cats needs in mind, because they have multiple levels and scratching areas built into them. Moreover, they can have several sections for the cat to sit and sleep, and many owners say that their cat has shown a new level of activity since using one of these fantastic products. These new types of scratching posts, or trees, can be bought for as little as $30 up to $100 or more, and are perfect for an active cat, depending on the space you have available.

2. Cat Play Mats

These play mats are great toys for both kittens and adult cats. They take up very little space and are extremely popular. Whilst laying down on the mat your cat can play with toys attached to the arch structure.

cat activity toys

3. Activity Toys For The Both Of You – Wands

When it comes to cats, there is nothing more rewarding than sharing playtime with your cat, because this strengthens the bond the two of you have with each other. Wand toys have been extremely popular with owners over the years, and are even more popular today because more and more owners are getting more involved with their pets and interacting more too. There are many different types of wands that often come with a selection of feathers in various colors for your cat to chase, and it’s a great way for him to release any built up energy he may have.

cat activity toys

The reason wands work so well with cats is, because you’re in control and can play as much or as little as you need to. Moreover, some wands are retractable, so you can extend the wand for extra fun and you can do this from the comfort of an armchair. Wands can also come with various toys, like feathers, fish or even mice, and it helps them use their natural hunting instincts, which is a great distraction from the curtains. That being said, the best thing about wands is that they are extremely affordable, ranging from as little as a few dollars up to around $15, which is a great investment in your cats playtime.

4. Interactive Toys That Are Sure To Please

There are some amazing new interactive toys that keep cats busy, distracted and playing for hours at a time, like the balls that light up every time it moves, or the ball on a track that will keep him fascinated for hours. Another great interactive toy are battery operated mice that run around the floor, or you can opt for a remote controlled mouse that you control for even more interactive playtime. Toys that your cat recognize as prey often bring out the best in him, and also gives him something to expel all that excess energy, so when it’s time for bed, he’s more likely to sleep than tear up some more furniture.

cat activity toys

  • Other great toy products for our cats are the different types of balls, usually about six to eight inches in diameter, and can hold different things inside them. You can buy just a hollow ball that can be filled with catnip, or you can opt for balls that have various things inside them to entice playtime, and he’ll be chasing them around the room for hours. Also, the thing that makes these toys so great is they are inexpensive, many going for just a few dollars, so definitely worth trying out, especially if you have a very energetic cat.
  • Another type of interactive cat toy that is very popular is the peek-a-boo mouse type product, whereby one or more mice are inside a plastic container, and every so often a mouse will pop out and quickly go back inside, leading to some fun times with your cat. There are many different variations of this type of toy, and many people even take video of their cats playing with these, because it is quite amusing to watch. Variations may include several mice in the product, or tail type flickers that pop out and in again, enticing him to use his predatory skills to try and catch them.

5. Laser Pointers

Laser pointers are becoming another best seller with cat owners, because they are small and can be carried in your pocket, and are also extremely affordable. Any time you have a spare half hour you can just point the laser, and watch kitty jump around and chase the laser light, which again can expel some pent up energy as well as relieving some stress for yourself. There are many different types of laser pointers out on the market today ranging from just a couple of dollars up to thirty dollars, with different colors, and even some with kaleidoscope patterns for something completely different.

cat activity toys


Finally, when it comes to interacting with your cat, or just wanting something to keep him occupied, these cat activity toys mentioned above have been proven to work very well. With hundreds of new interactive toys coming on to the market almost on a daily basis it can be difficult to choose which one to try, but the ones mentioned in this article will be a great start. Nevertheless, by trying either just one, or two of these amazing interactive products for your cat, we are sure you will see lots of amusing, and funny play times together, and you’ll probably want to take a video and share it with your friends on social media too.


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12 thoughts on “Cat Activity Toys Revisited. Advice on Top Exciting Products”

  1. Awesome Info here. My girlfriend is a HUGE cat lover and needs to see this. My all time favorite is the laser pointer, because like you said, they are small and can be carried in your pocket, and are also extremely affordable. And I love seeing them go crazy over it lol. However, we have enough of those in the house. Not sure which one would be a better xmas gift for the cats- the play mate or scratch post?

  2. Thanks for your comments Ilario. I guess it depends on whether the cat is an indoors or outdoor type. The outdoors one gets a lot of exercise by itself, like climbing trees whereas the indoor one probably needs the high climbing tree / scratching post to get similar exercise and to save one’s curtains!! lol.


  3. Some great toys here thanks. I really like the scratching posts with the different levels. The new interactive toys are brilliant! Amazing how all these toys are available nowadays as you say years back it would have been the furniture. Keep up the good work, I love reading your new posts

    1. Thank you Dawn for those kind comments about my posts. Glad you are enjoying them. Yes there is a huge range of cat activity toys around these days to enable them to get a lot of fun time exercise.


  4. hi thanks for sharing this wonderful information really enjoyed reading your content was very elaborate and easy to understand.

  5. You have given me some great ideas. I have a very active cat and am always trying to distract her. I especially like remote mouse toys as this can be fun for the both of us. Thanks for the fun ideas and keep up the good work.

    1. Hope then that your cat gets spoiled this Christmas Patrick! Yes I also like the remote mouse toys. Cats love chasing them and there is no mess on your floor when they catch these rather than the live ones!


  6. I really like all your cat toy suggestions. The one I have had the most success are the wand ones. I have to say I have invested in nearly all your suggestions (not the laser pointers) and she plays with them……..when and if she chooses! That is cats for you!
    I am going to try a laser pointer and see how it goes.

    1. Pleased you liked my suggestions Elizabeth. My son’s cat Lily, that lived with us, also loved the wand toys as well and would do cartwheels in the air trying to catch the feathers attached to the wand. I was amazed at the time how high in the air she would leap to try and catch them! Good luck with the laser pointer.


  7. Oh wow, Jim! These toys sound amazing! We bought one of those fancy cat scratching posts and it was a hit… for a while, when our cat was still a kitten. As she got older our wicker high chairs became more compelling! Ho hum. That cat play mat looks stunning! My son had something similar when he was a baby, and funny, I do recall now, that my cat also enjoyed playing with it. The laser pointers and interactive toys look really clever too. We’re a high tech family, guess there’s no reason why our cat can’t also go high tech. 😉 Who comes up with these ideas? Awesome!

    1. Thank you Lauren for your comments and sharing your cat playing memories. Yes cats really get spoiled these days with some really stunning play gadgets coming onto the market. I remember as a child the cat my parents had.. All he needed to play with was a ping pong ball!.


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