Advice on choosing the perfect cat companion for your home

Cats have been perfect pet companions to humans for centuries, their playful antics, soothing purrs, and enigmatic personalities winning the hearts of people around the world. However, not all cats are created equal when it comes to fitting seamlessly into different households. The diverse array of cat breeds available each comes with its own unique set of traits, making some breeds better suited for specific lifestyles and living environments. In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons why certain cat breeds may be more suitable for your household than others.

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Author: James Kelly

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16 thoughts on “Advice on choosing the perfect cat companion for your home”

  1. People don’t realize how important it is indeed to have a cat that is suitable for your household and how important this is for the wellbeing of pets. I am sharing this article on a cats forum, as it is very informative and maybe animal shelters pick this up as well and tell people all these things or ask them questions on the circumstances of their homes and daily life, to find a matching cat 😉 I hope that every cat finds a perfect home!

  2. Cats, like any other pet, are a lifetime commitment. So selecting the correct breed for your lifestyle is of the utmost importance. And I agree that finding a reputable breeder is a key component to your search. I like how you listed several different breeds and their average cost, but I would also mention that your local humane society is also a good spot to acquire your furry  companion. Nice read.

  3. Your article on choosing the perfect cat companion for one’s home is a comprehensive guide that beautifully covers the various factors to consider when making such an important decision. Your thoughtful breakdown of lifestyle compatibility, grooming needs, living space, socialization, age, health considerations, and costs provides readers with a well-rounded perspective on selecting the right feline friend. Your emphasis on researching and understanding each breed’s characteristics, along with the reminder to prioritize adoption from shelters and rescue organizations, highlights your commitment to the well-being of both cats and their potential owners. This article will undoubtedly assist countless individuals in making informed choices that lead to a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with their chosen feline companions. Well done!

  4. I love this article being a crazy cat lady myself.  I have only one concern in the description of the Siamese cat.  I love cats and have never had one that would not hire me as a member of their staff.  All except the Siamese.  I have never met a Siamese that did not hate me on site.  I have never found them affectionate in the least.  Very bossy and superior.  The description, in this article, of the Persian and the Scottish Fold or the Bernese is so great.  I hope to see more articles like this.


    1. Interesting comments about Siamese cats Dierdre. In general they do like human companionship so you must be one of the exceptions to the rule! Very pleased that you enjoying reading articles such as this one. Jim

  5. Hi, i agree that different breeds have different characteristics, and some are more suited to indoor family life than others. We have had some domestic cats as pets who were not at all friendly. In fact one of our cats bit my wife on the wrist, and we had to go to the hospital to have the wound cleaned. Its a good thing we did as the doctor was concerned for my wife´s life had the wound not been irrigated at the hospital.

    1. Thanks Alan for those comments which are very much appreciated. I can relate to your wife’s experience as I made the big mistake one Christmas Eve by trying to separate our cat Leo from one of our neighbours cats and ended up in hospital as well with many scratches and bites on my hands and arms which left a big blood trail our driveway. Won’t ever try that again! Jim

  6. Hi James, thanks again for creating such a lovely website. I really enjoy the beautiful pictures of the different breeds. It’s so true that different breeds have different temperaments. We have had numerous cats, but we once took on rescue cat who was a very adventurous cat who needed a huge amount of entertainment and attention! He was a moggie, so who knows what was in his genes, and it could be to do with his past too that we didn’t know much about. On the contrary, our British shorthair was peaceful and content and cuddly. 

    With regards to hypoallergenic cats, good tips to pick your breed carefully. And, important for people to know hair-wise how much hoovering they’re going to be needing to do before taking a cat on. I know people who are rather house-proud and have been disappointed by the amount of needly hairs stuck to all their lovely white furniture and clothes!

    1. Hi Michelle pleased to know you and thank you very much for that detailed response which is greatly appreciated. Yes some cats, like our cat Oscar, definitely leave a lot of hair around the house but the cleanup is a small price to pay for their loving companionship. Jim

  7. This article offers invaluable advice for individuals seeking to choose the ideal feline companion for their home. With practical insights and considerations, it guides readers through the process of finding a cat that aligns with their lifestyle and preferences. A must-read resource for those embarking on the journey of bringing a new furry friend into their lives.

  8. I love cats!  

    But it seems like many don’t appreciate the differences between them.  They are all so different.  It’s important to be mutually well-suited to each other.  It’s important for the cat and for the human.  Energy levels could be a huge issue.  I’m a fat, slow moving old woman, so maybe a high energy young Bengal kitten would not be as good a match for me as a tired old Burmese…a gal like myself…somebody to be a couch potato with!  

    One of the things I’ve always loved about cats is how autonomous they are.  The long fur sure is pretty, but I don’t want to have to brush it.  I need a short-hair. 

    I don’t have a cat right now, but I must need one because I can’t stop looking at them on facebook.  When I do get a cat again, I will not go out and buy one.  I will find somebody whose barn cat had kittens and give one or two of them the best home and the most love I possibly can.  If there’s two of them, and they have more energy than me, at least they can entertain each other, then just come to me to snuggle.

    Thanks for this highly informative article.



    1. Thank you Anna for sharing your thoughts on the subject with all of us. Your perspective in this matter is greatly appreciated.Jim

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