How Useful Innovative Petcare Products Enhance Cats Lives

For many of us around the world, our cats occupy a large part of our hearts and deserve to be rewarded with good quality, innovative,  petcare products bought for them by their owners.

Author: James Kelly

James Kelly is a network marketer and blogger who earns a living from affiliate programs and blogs

20 thoughts on “How Useful Innovative Petcare Products Enhance Cats Lives”

  1. The innovative products available for cats these days astounds me. When I was a little girl I had a kitten that lived outside and slept under my dad’s work shed. Times have really changed. For the better of course!

    I like the laser toy and the massager. The plant kit for cats is also a nice choice. Especially since so many plants can be toxic and it takes the guesswork out of knowing what to allow. I watch a live cam at a local kitten rescue center and I was looking for something to donate to the feline room. One of these items will be nice.

  2. From all the Innovative Petcare products, the ones I like most are litter boxes and accessories including scoops, mats, waste disposal systems, and litter additives. As with women, it also happens with cats, the fun is in the accessories.

    Thank you very much for your post and site in general. I’ll bookmark, my cat will give me thanks for doing so.

  3. I have four cats, so you might say that I am experienced with them. There are so many cat toys on the market though, that it is sometimes hard to see the trees through the forest, so much choice! But I really do think that your article sums it up about the most innovative ones out there that can really enhance my cat’s lives. I’m going to try out number 1: the robotic cat toy, seems awesome!

    1. Thank you for those comments Lizzie. Yes the consumer market is inundated with new products every day that it is sometimes very confusing on what to buy for your precious pets. It is not only toys that enhance cats lives as they also like their creature comforts and my article discusses these as well. Hope your cats like the robotic toy. Jim

  4. James, this was fantastic. I had no idea there was a robotic laser toy and a cat massager. 

    These two items alone make me want to buy a cat just so I can get the toys.

    Your main cat picture is the best. I had two cats when I was small – Mo and Blacky. They are so much fun. I plan to get a French Bulldog soon but your site made me miss my cats.


    L, Sammy

    1. Nice to hear from you Sammy and pleased that you liked the selection of products mentioned in the article. Jim

  5. I am a huge pet lover, I love especially dogs but also cats have a sweet spot for me. Your article is very useful for those who own a cat. Unfortunately I live in a dorm so I cannot keep a cat right now but as soon as I get my own house I might adopt one. A cat is easier than a dog to manage (at least you don’t have to take it out for walks) so I’ll definitely turn to your blog for any help in future . 


  6. As an animal lover I have to say I am in LOVE with your website! Just the cat picture alone had me pulling out my debit card ready to buy whatever you were offering lol

    I love how everything is laid out by category and is told from your personal point of view too. It is so much more welcoming and inviting to me as a viewer than the standard third-person viewpoint of many websites. 

    I see you having huge success in the coming future! Awesome work!

    1. Thank you Kimberly for liking my website and for those very encouraging comments. Sometimes success in blogging s not measured in terms of monetary reward but in the sharing of information that readers can benefit from. As cat owners we only want the best for our beloved pets and I hope my articles provide that information. Best regards. Jim

  7. Hi James, I’ve just gone through this informative post you’ve shared with us here about how useful innovative Petcare products enhance cats lives. My wife likes cats so much as pets but I’m yet to find out from her if she knows about this information you’ve provided here. I’m surprised too because I never thought that cats also need massage to reduce stress and anxiety like human beings. Anyway, I’ve learned so much from this post and I’ll also share this amazing information.

    1. Pleased that you liked reading my article Kokontala and yes please share it with your wife. Best regards. Jim

  8. It’s incredible how pet care products are always innovated. My cats would love the laser and the massage parlor, I am sure of it! I think that my dogs would share the massage parlor with them, although the kitties wouldn’t be pleased about that 😉 

    There are several items here that I would love to buy for my cats. Thanks for these wonderful (and useful)  suggestions!

    1. Yes Christine the marketplace is awash  with new products every year and we do love to spoil our pets by trying out the latest fads on them! Jim

  9. Thanks for sharing some of the best pet care products here, James. My cousin owned some cats and she already has several of the products, including the orthopedic cat beds. I remember she didn’t have an automatic cat feeder because it’s me who will be asked to check and feed her cat when she went somewhere. I will recommend she to buy it. It seems really useful 🙂

    1. Nice to hear from you Alexander and thank you for those comments. Maybe your cousin’s cat prefers your personal attention at feed times as they often get used to set routines. Jim

  10. I am not a cat owner but I found this article to be so interesting. I actually even desired to have one, with all these innovations that makes it so easy, convenient and appealing to take care of a cat. I liked the automatic feeder concept and oh the odor eliminator . These are great innovations. Will remember this when I get a cat for my little one who has been asking to have one.

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